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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merlin guest posts on HogPro

This is a notification to let our readers know that I have written a post that is now up on John Granger's Hogwarts Professor site (link below for cut-and-paste into browser addy bar). The post is my fuller exposition (3500 words, so basically the equivalent of a 12 page double-spaced paper) of thoughts that I have posted here on Muggle Matters concerning my definition of narrative as an intersection of "chronos" and "kairos" conceptions of time, and the presence of this in the symbol of Harry's wristwatches.

I will probably be doing posts on HogPro occasionally (but will always put a notification and link here). Pursuant to meeting with John when he spoke in NYC in October and several emails back and forth after that, in which I mentioned the work on time and narrative, he has installed me at the staff table in his great hall.

I will also hopefully be able to keep doing smaller posts here (I have several that have been in the drafts section of my blogger profile for a bit, and I hope to get around to finishing them here over my Christmas break, although I am getting into desperate need of turning in work on my dissertation proposal, so I will only spend a week - Christmas to New Year's - in my home town and be back out here several weeks before classes to re-tool my syllabus for spring courses and work on the diss prop, but also hopefully have some time to finish posts and put them up here).

To any and all who check out the post at HogPro, I hope you enjoy it.

And I hope you and all of your families and loved ones have a blessed Christmas,

posted by Merlin at 11:12 AM

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